Evolutionary Blues ... Goes to Rwanda!

Evolutionary Blues... West Oakland's Music Legacy screens at the Rwanda Film Festival next month. On Sunday, October 21, 2018, the film has been nominated to receive an award for  "Best Diaspora Documentary" by the African Movie Academy Awards  (AMAA).  

In this campaign, SWFCenter fundraises for the plane ticket that gets Cheryl from Oakland to Rwanda and back.  We need to purchase this ticket near the first week in October. This is a wonderful opportunity for Oakland to share itself with Rwanda. It's a chance to introduce Oakland's music legacy to an African audience. It's also a chance to reveal the racial politics of Post World War II Oakland, but most importantly, this is an opportunity to demonstrate the resilience of Oakland's African American community.   

We are a plane ticket away, please help us get there!

Here’s the link to our campaign on GoFundMe: